Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh desires a robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to review the performance of the respective Missions and departments concerned.

The KPI by the Missions and departments include the indicators from the following sources.

  • Outcome Budget - Indicators included in existing Outcome Budgets presented to the State Legislature by the respective departments are a part of the proposed list of indicators.
  • Growth Engines - Each sector/district has identified certain growth propelling engines for Double Digit Growth.The list of KPIs also include the indicators to review the implementation and performance of the proposed / identified growth engines.
  • Global Benchmarking - The M&E framework is aligned with global benchmarks, widely adopted sector specific global indices, particularly in conformity with Sustainable Development Goals.
  • 20 Non-Negotiable Priorities - The indicators also reflect the achievement on 20 non - negotiable priorities identified under Smart Village and Smart Ward initiative.
  • Regulatory, Revenue & Governance Departments: Indicators have been identified for these departments to assess their performance on the lines of the Mission level departments.
  • Financial Performance - The M&E system is linked to the existing Finance Department's portal for reporting the scheme wise financial achievement against the Budget Estimate 2015-16, fund releases and Expenditure.

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